Enables non-EU citizens to obtain a special residence in exchange for a 5-year investment in Portugal


Maintain the investment as low as Euro 350k for a minimum period of five years


No mandatory residency required. 7 days of visit per year

What are the available investment options?

Purchase of property,

EUR 500,000

Purchase of property,

(>30 yrs old),

EUR 350,000

Transfer of capital,

EUR 1,000,000 including investment in shares

Creation of 10 jobs

Unique Features of Portuguese Golden Visa

Fast Track

Residency in 6 - 8 months

Entire Family

Bring your family with you including parents & in law

Live, Work, Study

Right to Live, Work & Study in Portugal

Healthcare Benefit

Access to healthcare

Education Benefit

Access to education system

7 days a year

Require minimal visits


After 5 years

26 Countries

Live, Work and Study in the entire Schengen Areas after citizenship

No Worldwide Tax

No tax obligation for income generated outside Portugal

Lower Tax

Low tax scheme in Portugal

How Do
We Assist?

Assistance with the preparation of the documentation and visa application.

Analysis and identification of the necessary procedures for the chosen investment.

Tax Registration/ Non Habitual Residents Registration.

Preparation and filing of the Portuguese personal income tax return.

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