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I applied for my Australian PR in early 2009 through Global Migration. Since then, I have got my PR and have migrated and is now happily living in Sydney, Australia. It is indeed a lovely place to enjoy a healthy and balanced life. I am really grateful that GM got my application approved within a year, when time was of the essence then for me. I believe GM’s good knowledge of Australian migration issues, and their very organised and professional approach towards the whole migration application process contributed to the timely approval. What impresses me most of all about GM is their “after sales service”. Even though I no longer pay for any services after I got my PR, GM has continued to update me on initiatives for helping new migrants settle, and has regularly provided me with updates on migration laws and developments. I truly appreciate this “extended service” and find it of great value. They truly make a difference. On top of that, I would like to add that when I recently wrote to GM with some questions concerning resident return visas, Desmond of GM promptly replied and was most helpful in providing answers. I am very happy with their service and would highly recommend anyone to apply for their Australian migration through GM.

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