Hi Audrey,
It’s been a while since I last got in touch. How are you doing? I’ve been meaning to write and keep you updated with our move, but with the new baby in the house, time seem to be passing by in a flash.

So here’s a quick update. Attached a recent picture taken with our darling and funny daughter, Adora, who’s about to turn 4 months. She’s a real blessing to us, as she has an easy going personality, which has made the transition to parenthood not as difficult as we anticipated. On the work front, I’ve found a job as a Sr. BA in a local consulting firm. It’s a small firm with two partner running it, making me their first employee. They are a great lad and we seem to have the same train of thought so can get along well. Other than that it’s just been living our Australian dream, and counting our blessings each day.

I remember reading an e-mail from Desmond for recent successful migrants to share their story, and I’ve been meaning to write back as there are some stories and advice that I would love to share to future migrants. I’ve got it on my to do list, so just a matter of time before you get a long e-mail from me. 🙂

Oh! Remember my friend Jen, whom I was seeking your assistance a while back. She’s landed in Melbourne last week and just this afternoon I had a chat with her. Just like how it was for my family, Jen is living her dream and enjoying the new start in life in Australia. I want to thank you again for helping her out and making her dream come true.

I’ve got another friend whom I would like to get your assistance with migrating to Australia. Her name is Diana, and she’s from Indonesia. She is interested in migrating as a skilled person, but would like to seek professional advice about her options and what would be the best way, and also to assess if she has met the criteria. I know the rules of applying for migration has changed from the time that I applied, but when Diana mentioned to me about her interest, I could not think of any other person other than you, who would be able to assist her well. I’ve copied her in this e-mail as an introduction to you. Could you kindly direct her in the right direction to start evaluating her case, to see if she can successfully apply for migrating to Australia.

Thank you in advance.