New Gen Business Agent is a result focused company that is passionate and focused on creating valuable outcomes. They have a long term experience in different industries such as food and beverage, service, retail, distribution and import/export. Their varied knowledge and expertise gives clients an honest and comprehensive service in promoting and securing a purchaser for their business.

Their brokerage service is specialized to the sale of businesses and commercial property. They have a wide network of accountants and solicitors that they liaise with to provide the right match of buyers to vendors.

New Gen being located in Mt Waverley is also an advantage as this is one of the best South Eastern Suburbs which is popular for migrants to live and do business.

Phone: 03 9942 4104
Fax: 03 8080 3206
Address: 79 Hamilton Place,Mount Waverley, Vic. 3149

New Gen offers the following services:

  • Fluency in English and Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Greek, French and Arabic
  • Full appraisal of your business
  • Profit analysis
  • A profile on your business
  • Vetting process of prospective purchasers
  • Use of confidentiality agreements
  • Management of documentation
  • Contract preparation
  • Statutory trust account facilities
  • Access to affiliate resources including banks, accountants, and solicitors

They are also able to assist with business plan formation and cash flow forecasting which is essential for the sale of franchise businesses.