The first impression I had about GMS is that, wow these people are quite young, can they manage my application??? However after engaging their services, I was amazed at how professional they operate. My application was managed by Nicholas, who was very accommodating and helpful. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease, he was very confident and well informed about the entire process from start to the end. There was one particular time where there was an issue with my IELTS documentation and I was not able to attend the exam at British Council. GMS immediately managed the situation and I was then able to sit for the following exam at no additional cost. I did not need to question GMS about what will be done as they immediately informed me on the next steps. Everything was done smoothly and there was no more hiccups after that. Even now after I have my grant, Nicholas is still there helping me with whatever questions I have from making my move there to opening a bank account. He never once turned me away. Looking back now, I am very happy to have chosen GMS to be my migration agent.

All the best to GMS and I sincerely hope that they be successful.