I had a wonderful experience throughout the entire application process. I’m a person who wants to be informed and kept up to date about everything and Nicholas managed to do that. He really took the time and initiative to ensure that I understood what was going on and always kept me updated on the current standing. Now since I have my PR already, he still keeps in touch with me to see if I have made the move over or not. Unfortunately due to work commitments I have not moved to Australia yet. Even hearing that, he immediately checked up on whether I have made the initial entry into Australia so that I do not forget about it. This is truly what I call service, he goes above and beyond what he is required to do to ensure everything goes smoothly and with out much hassle. If anyone were to ask me for a recommendation, I would ask them to look for Global Migration Solutions, there is no doubt on this. Kudos to you all and make sure you keep up the good work.