I would like to thank GMS for their wonderful service and professionalism in obtaining my PR status. I didn’t have much time to travel up and down from Penang to KL, so I contacted my SMO, Nicholas, to inform that I would be in KL for a few hours for a meeting. Nicholas then arranged a time to meet me immediately. The meeting was good and I had an assurance that the application is going smoothly all through out the process. I did not need to worry about what will happen as I knew that GMS was on top of everything. Their response time and information provided was always on a timely manner and accurate. The entire process only took me 8 months from the signing of the contract to receiving my Grant. This was unexpected as I was told the estimate was about 1 to 1 and a half years initially. So once we received the wonderful news, we are now able to setup and move forward with our new chapter in life. Aside from the process of getting the PR, GMS also provided me with vital information which helped me a lot in terms of what needs to be done when arriving in Australia. Even after getting my PR, GMS is still there for me. This is what I call a bond and not just a business transaction. I am extremely happy and will suggest GMS to those I meet. Good job and keep it up.