Hi Desmond, how are you? Thousand of thanks to you for handling my critical application as none of the agents willing to deal with my application as I was turning 45 years old soon. You were the only person that told me do not give up on my own dream (I actually almost gave up). Thank you!

Besides, I also wish to compliment your team for the great help and support on my application. My officer always assured me that they will prioritize my application to meet the deadline. The confident tone from your team had kept me away from worries and I could leave my application to GMS without much monitoring as I was kept informed by my officer time to time and I was too bumped with work as well. I still can recall that you and your team called me around 8.00pm something just to stay back to complete my application. The efforts and kind help were most appreciated. I had referred 2 of my friends to GMS so that you could assist them as well and I wish you and GMS all the best in the future!

Warmest regards,

Mr Hong