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Asian Auckland: How our city has changed

More migrants from Asia are using the student and worker migration policy as a path to secure permanent residence, a report has found.

Asian Auckland: The multiple meanings of diversity is released today by the Asia New Zealand Foundation as part of a series drawing on the 2013 Census data.

It examines settlement patterns of Asian immigrants in Auckland, details history and trends of Asian migration and explores the influence of Asian communities on the city’s food culture, cultural festivals, the media and the arts.

The report covers all people of Asian ethnicity in Auckland, not just recent migrants.

The research says student and worker migration have created more diverse Asian populations in New Zealand in terms of age and sex composition, education types and skills.

Author Wardlow Friesen, senior lecturer in geography at the University of Auckland, said changes in immigration policy since the 1990s had resulted in more migrants entering as international students or on work visas.

“It has also provided a path to permanent residence that was not available earlier,” Friesen said.

“The notable increases in Filipino and Indian migrant numbers can be partly attributed to these changes.”

Between 2006 and 2013, the Filipino population grew by 144 per cent to 37,229 and the Indian population by 55 per cent to 67,176.

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