Auckland Council looks to attract more migrant workers

Auckland Council is looking to attract more skilled migrant workers to the city, in order to build the economy and fill skills gaps in a number of job sectors.

The council has teamed up with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED) to form the Auckland Regional Partnership Agreement – a three-year plan to work together on shared priorities.

“Skilled migrants have a critical role to play in Auckland’s economy,” says Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

The partnership will involve INZ and ATEED focusing on the attraction of skilled migrants, while Auckland Council will look at building communities and keeping them here.

“The attraction and retention of skilled migrants is necessary to sustain and stimulate economic growth,” says ATEED chief executive Brett O’Riley. “It is important for the transfer of knowledge and skills that provides the necessary innovation and acceleration for growth as well as addressing the critical skills gaps we have in a number of our key sectors.”

The partnership will take over the Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy, which ended last year.

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