It was one of my dreams – to live and work in Sydney, Australia. After having studied there for about eighteen months back in 2000, the city’s liveliness and remarkable sense of freedom and independence were the major attractions for me. After meeting my fiancé, now husband, we spent a week-long vacation in Sydney during the spring of 2006, fell in love with it and returned with a long-term plan that we would to eventually start our life together in Sydney.

I literally stumbled on the website of Global Migrations through a web-link advertisement while checking my email, and did the online free assessment test. I received a call and was encouraged to meet with the migration consultant for a first discussion. My fiancé and I met Louis Lovestrand, and he explained the process to us. I’m quite sure that before we left his office that day, we had already decided to use Global Migration. They were very clear and transparent from the start about the entire process, the monies involved, and our chances for success. What I appreciated was the forthright attitude and they always maintained a professional approach towards our migration process.

From that day we didn’t look back. The migration process, I never believed, could be so simple and hassle-free, and I’m sure it was so because of our agent’s involvement at every step of the way. Whether it was returning my calls, answering my silliest questions or replying my numerous emails, Global Migration was always prompt, direct and obliging.

Whilst we didn’t shop around for an agent, we were made aware much later from friends that Global Migration’s package was definitely more value for money and was someone whom you would put your faith in to manage your migration process. After all, migration is a very personal and precious matter which must be handled properly.

The whole process took about eight months and there were many interesting memories along the way which included sitting for the English test. Today, I’m so happy that we are planning to start our new life in Australia next year and have Global Migration to thank for making it so easy for my dream come true!