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Hi Desmond,
Hope this mail finds you in good health and high spirits. I would like to take a moment of yours and want to appreciate the efforts being put in by Audrey for processing my Australian PR visa.
Sincerity, professionalism, hard work, positive attitude, dedication and patience are the jewels to her crown. Please do not take it as an exaggeration but it is a reality as I have seen all these personality traits in her. For me she was representing the Global Migration Solutions and as of today I have very good views about your Organization. It is this dedication towards her job which brings good name to the Organization.
Sincerely telling there had been times when I and my wife had lost all hope(not able to get band 7 for IELTS) and thought that we won’t be able to complete the visa process. Audrey was the one at that time who kept us motivated and always gave us hope that we can do better next time. Apart from that she had always kept us updated about the policies and changes in the rules of DIAC. Adding to this she has always answered all our queries with utmost sincerity and with a great amount of patience. She didn’t get annoyed if we asked her the same thing twice. Also I always felt good that all my queries were answered to my satisfaction.
Overall my experience with Global Migration Solutions has been fantastic and I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by your Organization. I would also like to recommend Global Migration Solutions to friends or relatives whosoever requires any assistance with Australian PR visa.
Thanks a lot for your valuable time.
Warm Regards