Hello to all at GMS.

I have expressed my thanks to you all before at the time of my Australian PR grant, but I really wanted to personally express it in written form for your organization.

From the first moment I was greeted by Audrey during consultation. I knew I was dealing with people who knew their business, were professional, friendly, honest and proficient. But to be realistic this is what I would have expected. I was paying you for a job and I expected the job to be done well. What I wasn’t expecting and what came as a wonderful surprise was the level of care that came along with your extremely high level of professionalism. By care I mean the human touch, the real personal concern, the actual sharing and caring that accompanied sometimes, challenging journey to gaining the PR. That genuine concern, the empathetic sincerity and the emotional support were indeed unexpected, very welcome, and indeed often very helpful to me personally. My dealings with Amit particularly during the bulk of the process was most exemplary of this. I felt like I had a friend doing the application for me. From the beginning of the application till I receive the grant the process was a real satisfaction.

I can’t thank you all enough. I have recommended GMS to several people now and laud your praises to all, and will continue to do so.

Thanks heaps and I wish you all the very best always.

Best Wishes