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Hi Desmond,

It is nice and rather surprised to hear from you!
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team in assisting us to get our Australia PR! We were grateful that things went on pretty smoothly during the process and everything was good up till the last station – ie receiving our PR!
You guys were very professional and at the top of the game in doing what you do best which I would say meet most clients needs.
However since you asked me about any improvements – I would have to say perhaps your side can put a little more human touch or follow up after a client had received their PRship.
What I am trying to say is that after we had received our PR, we were given a few emails on who to liaise with in our place of migration (Canberra being this case) and there is no more communication or whatsoever from your side except for your usual general newsletters (which are deeply appreciated.)
We understand fully that your role stops at once the client receive their PR but it would be good if your side can follow up with a personal email or phone call/ or even meet face to face (for a short 10-15 mins) to see if everything is in order as we are talking about uprooting ourselves from our country of birth to a foreign country where many things are unfamiliar.
You guys have better knowledge of Australia and your advice on which suburb to stay, where is the better school for your kids, elaboration on RRV etc would definitely help to allay some of our concerns. Although these information are available in the websites given to us but mostly the information are very general and it is entirely up to us to make our own decision. Hence if we can hear first hand from our trusted Migration agent will definitely help a lot!
Or maybe we are asking a bit too much as I also understand you guys are also very busy with more and more people trying to get out of Malaysia….
Anyway the above is just my 2 cents since you inquire  : )
On the whole, I would rate you guys high with your professionalism and your expertise in your work! Anyone that is interested in migrating to Australia should only come to Global Migration and not ponder about other agencies as they are rest assured that they are in good hands!
I can say this because I had in fact gone to another agency before coming to you guys. The first agency gave the  wrong advice and caused me to run up and down trying to fulfill some requirements and at the end of the day, things were just not turning out right and money and time were wasted. I was then rather fed up of their service and decided to come over to your Agency which proved to be a good decision.
And in terms of cost wise, your Agency is more or less the same as them which is competitive in the market.
I sincerely the above suffice your needs and should you need more information, please feel free to contact me.