Migration to Australia comes as a no surprise. It’s on everyone’s lips, especially those with the qualifications and the finances to move. People who have settled abroad has all the nicest of things to say about moving to Australia. They enjoy the peace of mind, superb lifestyle quality, low crime rate, brighter career and for better education overall. People migrate for many reasons. Chief Executive Officer Loh Boon Eng. claimed recent incidents in the State such as Tanduo and a string of kidnappings are making people rethink their future plans and migrating to a pasture anew seemed to be the preferred solution.

According to statistics released by the Australian government, Malaysians formed the largest group of foreign property investors in the country especially to house their children who study in the country. Malaysians love Australian properties because Australia is a migrant country. Hence, the demand for property will increase. The country’s currency is also a relatively stable currency.

The rate of Australia’s population growth has increased significantly over the last five years, largely driven by an increase in net overseas migration (NOM). The largest contribution to NOM in recent years has been from people on temporary visas—mostly comprised of overseas students and temporary skilled migrants. Although permanent migration intakes over the last few years have been high in comparison to previous years based upon the sources from the Parliamentary Library (Australia).

Many of my clients are Malaysians who have studied there before and they knew what to expect if they lived there. The quality of life is a lot better in terms of education, health care services and many more. Not all are purely economic, though that does play a part to the extent that wherever one lives one needs the necessities of life. Most Malaysians are also leaving for business prospects and due to mundane political and social situation here.

Malaysians migrate to Australia is also due to the astounding lifestyle that lacks in Malaysia. Right from Education to jobs, careers and lifestyle, Australia is the name and place to be. This sort of lifestyle where every good things come in a package with other benefits are the reasons for migration to Australia being considered. Malaysians are also bowled over the Australians culture. Australians are known to be friendly and very welcoming. There are hardly any racism issues that happen in Australia due to people who accept one another beyond race, religion and colour of the skin.

More recently, a report stated from the Malaysian Insider said, Australia was the first country of choice of 18% of Malaysian professionals who moved abroad, second after Singapore, according to a report from the Penang Institute last year. Some people have visited Australia and are extremely delighted by its beauty and that sometimes could be the push factor for people to move themselves to Australia. There are immense job opportunities offered in Australia and skills migration visa is one of the most used visas to migrate to Australia. Australia seeks skilled migrants whom can contribute their skills and experience and vice versa.
Australia is an ideal country for business investment due to its deregulated economy, enormous natural resources and technical strength. Its immigration system provides unrestricted work rights to the spouses of skilled sponsored workers with temporary and permanent entry visas. The country also has more flexible and streamlined temporary entry arrangements compared to other countries.

Malaysians are migrating to Australia to have a good life and to have a much more relaxed lifestyle until their old age. It comes as a no surprise that people would eventually fall head over heels in love with Australia and stay in Australia forever because no matter how long they have lived there is just too much and too many things to learn, explore and visit that the list is pretty endless to begin with.

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Asset requirements to meet the criteria generally ranges from having assets worth of AUD800,000 for business owners and AUD2.25 million or NZ$1.5 million for investors. Assets can be derived from all assets worldwide including properties, savings, business assets, unit trust and shares.
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