Investment Migration

The investor migration program requires you to invest in government bonds and other various qualified funds. This will allow you to obtain residency status for you and your family members.

You can fund the investment from property, cash, stocks, business ownership and other assets.

How Do I Qualify for the Investment Visa?

You need to meet the following:

  • Have net assets in your name (or combined with a spouse) of at least AUD 2.25mil (or equivalent)
  • The assets have been held for a minimum of 2 years

What Can I Do with An Investor Visa?

You and your family will have the legal rights to:

  • Work in Australia
  • Send your children to public schools
  • Buy any type of property to live or invest in
  • Buy a car
  • Get private insurance at the same price as locals

Do I Qualify

For An Investor Visa?

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