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Global Migration Solutions is a professional consulting company specializing in securing the Australia and New Zealand Permanent Residency visa.

The company is represented by three Registered Migration Agents under the provision of Australian & New Zealand Government immigration regulations.

The partners have built a wealth of knowledge and combined experience of over 30 years, leading a team of 35 highly trained members with offices located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Singapore office was established in 2001, follow by Malaysia in 2004 and Indonesia in 2008.

For the past 14 years, they have successfully secured the Australia & New Zealand permanent residency for more than 12,000 families across the region.

Global Migration Solutions has built an outstanding reputation based on our record of successful visa outcomes. We are 100% dedicated to getting results for our clients and this is driven by:
– A deep understanding of immigration laws and processes
– Capable and determined staff who are dedicated to giving exceptional service

For all of our clients, the journey begins with an Immigration Roadmap:
– You will receive full and transparent written advice on your eligibility upfront, as well as a range of alternatives and fallback options
– You will receive a fixed fee quote at the beginning of the process
– You will receive a realistic timeframe both for lodgement and processing of your application
– You will receive a monthly update on the progress of your application

With Global Migration Solutions you get a speedy processing,
proactive and responsive service.

  • We will respond to your calls or emails within 1 business day, and in most cases instantly
  • You will be informed of any changes in immigration law during processing and advised on how to best deal with these
  • Where complications arise, we will escalate your case to the Department of Immigration’s supervisors and managers to ensure a successful outcome

Our efficient processes minimize turnaround time for lodgement:

  • You will receive complete details on all documents and information required as soon as you sign up with us
  • We will give you feedback on documents you provided within 2 business days of being received
  • We will complete all forms, make certified copies of your documents and arrange for translations where necessary
  • We will keep the process as simple as possible for you
  • We will monitor and meet lodgement deadlines
  • Each application we lodge is subject to a rigorous quality control process


Registered Migration Agent

Australian Registered Migration Agent #1461243
New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser #201201134

Desmond Ang is the Managing Partner of Global Migration Solutions. He specialises in Skilled, Business & Investment migration for Australia & New Zealand.

Prior to this, Desmond worked as a Regional Internal Auditor for Singapore publicly listed companies and Japan multi-national companies across the Asian Pacific region since 1995.
Desmond was a graduated from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. His past experience in accounting and finance profession has equipped him to interact with high net wealth investors, small/medium sized businesses effectively when handling the Business & investment program. Desmond is also a member of ACCA, CA, CIA.


Registered Migration Agent

Australian Registered Migration Agent #0428740
New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser #200800600

Associate Director

Assistant Manager – Visa Processing

Business Development Consultant

Visa Processing Officer

Business Migration Officer

Skilled Migration Officer

Skilled Migration Officer

Skilled Migration Officer